Q & A


Q. How long does the polish last?

It will last up to 6 days depending on your hand usage. Try applying our polish before going to bed (if you shower in the morning) or after a shower for longer-lasting results.

*Exposing your hands to hot water for longer than 5 minutes may interfere with the adherence of the polish in the first few hours after application. Regular hand washing with warm water is okay.


Q. How do I keep the shine longer?

A. Due to our unique water-based formula, our polish may dull if you frequently use sanitizers, as our product can slightly melt from the alcohol. Simply reapply our 2-in-1 Base + Top coat to protect the color and extend the shine.


Q. How long do I have to dry?

A. We recommend drying for 1 minute between each step and 5 minutes after applying the top coat


Q. How long do I need to wait before touching water?

A. It's best to avoid hot water for a few hours after application. Cold/lukwarm water temperature is best. The ideal time to apply our polish is after a shower or before going to bed.


Q. How do you remove the polish?

A. The longer you wear it, the easier it is to peel off. You can use your nails to grab the corner of the polish or use tweezers to grab the corner and peel it off. If you need to remove it soon after applying, first let it dry, and then soaking your hand in warm water will help.


Q. Do you have topcoat?

A. We simplified the steps for you. You can use our 2-in-1 Base + Top coat as a topcoat. It will dry clear and glossy.


Q. My polish got dried, do you guys have thinner?

A. Since our polish formula is water-based, you can simply add a few drops of purified or deionized water instead of a thinner. All our polish bottles come with mixing balls inside, so just shake after adding water.


Q. What is your return policy?

A. Unused products in their original packaging are eligible for a full refund within 14 days of purchase. Original shipping and handling fees will not be refunded, and customers are responsible for any return shipping fees.


Q. Do you offer free shipping?

A: We offer free shipping on orders over $20 within the USA, automatically applied at checkout. For orders under $20, you can choose your own shipping method at checkout, calculated by weight and location.



More questions? Feel free to ask, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.