Our Philosophy - We aim to help peoples lives easier. 

It makes me happy when I see my shiny polished nails.

To show the gratitude of my helpful hand, I add colors to my nails. Even at my worst look of the day, my nails always look beautiful and remind me to shine on. We see our hand the most time than any other part of our body. That's why I like to paint my nails.

I have worked in a nail salon and been a hand model for future nail technicians who need to practice for their certificate. I learned all the pros and cons of each manicure styles.

One day I got gel manicures that cost me over $100. I loved my shiny and always perfect nail. However, the removing part was painful. I didn't realize my already sensitive nails were severely damaged. It was to a point that I couldn't even bear the heat from the drill to remove some of the gel after socking acetone. They couldn't even remove the gel 100%, and I needed to take a break for my poor nails to recover. They put nail strengthener and even that was painful for me. I had peloton soon after and I couldn't even hold the bike handle from my finger pains. I know my case is rather extreme but this painful experience made me open our own nail polish brand.

I started to investigate other people's nail polish experiences. Just like me, many hated waiting for 30min to dry regular nail polish, not to mention that you get smugged polish as you walk out of the nail salon oftentimes. Plus, the chips after the second day. And headache-causing Harsh nail polish and acetone odors. There gotta be an easier way to do nails.

That's when I found about the peel-off nail polish. I loved the idea of less toxic, rapid dry, and super easy removal. Eureka!
My partner and I decide to make a better peelable nail polish brand for people like me who are looking for alternative nail polish.

After some market research and numerous A/B testing, we found out one of the drawbacks of the peel off nail polish is sometimes it peels off way too fast. So we tried different ratios of formulas after testing over 20 factories. And we finally found the best peelable nail polish and sharing them with you.

No more waiting 30mins to dry.
No more spending money to remove gel nails.
No more acetone.
No more headache-causing nail polish odors.
No more searching for the best nail salon near me.

Now I save time & money with easy peelable nail polish.

We aim to help your nail life easier.