How to Apply

Step 1 - Throughly wash your hand with soap and dry. 

This will remove any access oils and clean nails for colors to stay on longer.

Step 2 - Apply our 2 in 1 Base + Top coat.

This will prevent stains and longer lasting easy peel off polish. 

Step 3 - Apply choice of our color. And dry 1min.

Then wait 1 min to dry. We recommend you to give 1 min to dry in between each coat to insure all the layers dried when you are done. 

(Optional : Repeat and re-apply for 2nd coat of color) 

*For longer lasting easy peelable polish, we recommend to use our colors. If you mix with other brands, it may not last long. 

Step 4 - Apply our 2 in 1 Base + Top coat. And dry 5min. 

This will add shine and smooth out the surface of the color. 

Step 5 - Peel off to remove. Grab the corner of your polish with tweezer and peel it off. 

Effortlessly easy and quick removal. 😎