Nail polish remover and my alternative option.

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One day at the nail salon, coworker fainted. Thankfully she got her senses back quick enough not to go to the emergency room but we all were shocked. She worked as a nail technician for many years and even with the masks, the fumes from the chemicals affecting her health negatively. I also started to experience headaches a few months after I was working at a Salon as well.

I still see many salons lack of air purifiers or lack of ventilation (I am sure you can smell the fume as you work into many of the salons.) and some doesn't even wear masks. 

Often times I do my own nails at home since its more convenient for me. I tried all kinds of nail polish and removers but they all have odors even the natural kinds. Not to mention the natural kinds of nail polish removers are not as effective as traditional acetone.  

Because of the headache, I decide not to work at the nail salon and moved onto other passion of mine but this experience made me believe in our brand peelaboo. Our ingredients are easier for your body with no-harsh odor or chemical. You can finally say goodbye to Acetone and harsh fumes from nail polish. 

*Types of nail polish removers

Acetone Polish Removers Acetone is a very powerful solvent and it works the best at removing polish. But it's also very harsh because it removes a lot of natural oils from your skin. In fact, sometimes your skin will look really white if you've used too much acetone on it. That means you've dried your skin out.

Non-Acetone Polish Removers Non-acetone removers use less aggressive solvents like ethyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol and propylene carbonate. Even polish removers labeled as "natural" or "organic" still use a solvent, they just don't use acetone. They also add moisturizing agents like glycerin, panthenol and soy to minimize the drying effect. However, these formulations don't dissolve the polish coating as efficiently so you'll have to work harder to take off the old polish.

*From SELF

Why Acetone is bad? 

According to WebMD, breathing in large amounts of acetone can cause health problems like:

  • Nose, throat, eye, and lung irritation
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fast heart rate
  • Confusion
  • Unconsciousness

not to mention it irritate & dries out your skin. 😉


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