Q & A


Q. How long does the polish last?

A. It will last up to 6-days depends on your use of hand. Try to apply our polish before go to bed (If you shower in the morning) or apply after shower for longer lasting polish.

*Exposing your hand to hot water for longer than 5min will interferes with adhere of the polish on first few hours after you apply the polish. Regular hand washing with warm water is safe. 


Q. How do I keep the shine longer?

A. Because of our unique peel-off formula, our polish gets dull if you use sanitizers often as our product get melts slightly by the alcohol. Just re-apply our 2 in 1 Base + Top coat to protect the color. 


Q. How long do I have to dry?

A. We recommend to dry 1 minutes between each steps and 5 minutes after topcoat. 


Q. How long do we need to wait before touch water?

A. Just avoid hot water for few hours after. Cold water is okay. Best time to apply our polish is after shower or before you go to bed.


Q. How do you remove?

A. Longer you wear, it's easier to peel it off. Use your nail to grab the corner of the polish or use the tweezer to grab the corner to peel. 


Q. Do you have topcoat?

A. Because our product is peel off, you can use our 2 in 1 Base + Top coat as Topcoat. It will dry clear. 


Q. My polish got dried, do you guys have thinner?

A. Since our peel-off formula is water based, you can just add few drops purified water or deionized water instead of thinner. All our polish bottles come with mixing balls inside the bottle so just shake after you added water.


Q. What is your return policy?

A. Unused product in their original packaging for a full refund within 14 days of purchase. Original shipping and handling fees will not be refunded and customers are responsible for any return shipping fees


Q. Do you have free shipping?

A. Free shipping over $20 in within USA. Automatically applied on checkout. For under $20, we charge flat shipping rate of $8. 



More questions? Ask us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.